Get a Boat Electrician to Install Your Power Pedestal in Port Charlotte, FL

Do you need a dock power pedestal installed in Port Charlotte, FL? Then get in touch with our licensed boat electrician to assist with your needs! Our team at Elie Electric Services, LLC offers our marine shore power installation prepared with your load calculations in mind. If you need high-quality service, then consider reaching out to our professionals.

Types of Shore Power Mounts

Get the Right Shore Power Installation

Here are the types of mounts we install for customers:

  • Pedestal Mount: Pedestal mounts have a concrete basing that protects them from the environment. The mount attains a clean look and safety from erosion.
  • Wood Mount: We offer 2×4 and 4×6 posts that have weather-resistant receptacles.

If you have questions about either of your options, get in touch with a boat electrician from our company! We will help you install the right shore power mount! We are trained to provide you the best service possible.

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If you would like to discuss your shore power options with a professional boat electrician, call us! Our company, Elie Electric Services, LLC, is the only insured power mounting company in the area. We offer our services with a team of dedicated employees who will put your safety first. Our pedestal and wood mount installations in Port Charlotte, FL, are also some of the best. Let us help you with your shore power needs.

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