Boat Lift Maintenance in Port Charlotte, FL, for Electric Shock Drowning Prevention

Electric Shock Drowning (ESD) occurs when an electrical current in low-level AC from boats hits individuals in the water. This shock will paralyze the individual, making them unable to swim. ESD has caused multiple deaths throughout the years, mostly on crowded locations such as docks and marinas. Even a current of one ampere is enough to kill a human. Here at Elie Electric Services LLC, we work to prevent ESD through our vigilant boat lift maintenance. We know how fatal ESD can be, which is why we offer preventative maintenance work for our customers in the Port Charlotte, FL area.

The Importance of Boat Lift Maintenance

Ensure Safety

ESD in marine spaces happens when an alternating current leaks from a boat’s green-wire grounding system. This current dissipates across the water, and is conducted much more easily by saltwater than freshwater. Due to this phenomenon, ESD is more frequent in freshwater due to humans conducting electricity better than the surrounding salt-less water.

With that being said, a certified boat electrician is needed to ensure the safety and integrity of your boat’s electric systems. A reliable technician’s expertise is important in assessing certain electrical risks in your vessel and the dock that it rests in.

Every system should be inspected and assessed in order to ensure efficiency. Our boat lift maintenance is offered every six months and includes boat lift cable replacement, changing belts, and greasing of gears.

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Learn more about how our company, Elie Electric Services, LLC, can prevent electric shock drowning and keep your boat lift in working order by reaching out to our experienced professionals in Port Charlotte, FL. We can grease your boat lift, install a boat lift replacement winch, and provide you with other boat lift services.

When we offer you our team’s expertise, we provide the best ways to prevent this killer phenomenon. Your safety will always be the top priority in our company, so we ensure that the results are detailed, accurate, and satisfactory. We are always happy to provide more information on how to keep your dock and boat lift safe! Our top priority is keeping our customers safe and informed.

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